Domestic Violence-Awareness, Dedication and Eradication

  Being that Domestic Violence is a black eye (no pun intended) in our society, it is ludicrous to bring big scale awareness to it during a particular month, so the goal of this poem/reading is intended to keep it in the forefront of our minds and our helping capabilities as long as it prowls among us. It is both knowledge of and homage to the victims of Domestic Abuse. 

                                                    Domestic Violence VS. Help
                                                                                                    ——–Mattie P. Sanders
Domestic Violence
The Face of Domestic Violence has EYES, but they are blinded by secrets.
The Face of Domestic Violence has a NOSE, but it does not smell the fear within its victim;
The Face of Domestic Violence has a MOUTH, but does not speak up for truth, just threatens those who want to speak the truth.

The Face of Domestic Violence has HANDS that strike often and without provocation.
The Face of Domestic Violence has FEET that kick with intent and walks away unforgiving.
The Face of Domestic Violence has EARS, but refuses to accept any reasoning.
The Face of Domestic Violence hides a warped BRAIN that thinks it’s okay to hit, slap, kick, spit, knock, roll over, pierce, insult, curse, gouge, punch, drag, scratch, cut, slam, call names, sit on a person, stand on a person, throw a person around, pull hair, throw objects at a person, choke, twist arms, threaten with weapons, and stalk. Despite all that’s been said, THERE IS HELP


The Face of Help has EYES that do something when they see something suspicious.
The Face of Help has HANDS that write, text, email, wave, point, or call to get assistance for the vulnerable in harm’s way.
The Face of Help has Feet that walk, run, jog, or sprint to get assistance for an abused victim.
The Face of Help has a NOSE that meddles, snoops and investigates things that are not quite right.
The Face of Help has a MOUTH that talks to the vulnerable and helps to report troubles to those effecting change.
The Face of Help has EARS that listen empathetically to what an abused victim has to say.
The Face of Help has a BRAIN that knows that hitting, slapping, kicking, spitting, knocking, rolling over, piercing, insulting, cursing, gouging, punching, dragging, scratching, cutting, slamming, calling names, sitting on a person, standing on a person, throwing a person around, pulling hair, throwing objects at a person, choking, twisting arms, threatening with weapons and stalking is morally and legally wrong.
If I have touched anyone out there who is a victim, or know a victim, please seek help because after the choking, kicking, stalking and all of the other mean spirited things mentioned has happened, the last act from the collective body of Domestic Violence just may be a victim’s SILENCED VOICE!  Let’s not let that happen! Change is with us; the vigilant.

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Speaking to a Luncheon Group

On October 25, 2018, I have been invited to speak to a Ladies’ Luncheon Group of The Berkeley Electric Cooperative. The luncheon will start at 12:00 Noon and will end at 1:00pm. This luncheon is closed to the public. I will share stories on Child Abuse which I will take directly from my book titled: Look Beyond the Smile.  At that time the ladies will be able to purchase an autographed copy of the book.

Black Ink Book Festival

I have been invited to participate in the 2018 Black Ink Festival to be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Main Branch (Calhoun Street) of the Charleston County Public Library. The keynote speaker will be Terry McMillan. McMillan is the author of How Stella Got Her Groove and Waiting to Exhale.

Secondly, I have also  been invited to participate in visiting Charleston County Schools to read and discuss my book  with students.  Instead of serving students, I have requested the opportunity to speak to Guidance Counselors, Teachers or Administrators since my subject matter of Child Abuse is written on a mature and sensitive subject. Please come out and purchase an autographed copy of my Book: Look Beyond the Smile-which is my Autobiography and also get to see and hear a world renowned author.

Look Beyond the Smile Presentation in Bennettsville, South Carolina

Save the Date and Join Me on May 18, 2018 as I Discuss my Autobiography on Child Abuse (Hear how this author used her wit and determination to survive Physical Abuse, Physical Neglect, Educational Neglect, Medical Neglect and Emotional Abuse

What? A May Week Celebration
Who? Bennettsville-Cheraw Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Where? Bennettsville Community Center, 714 North Marlboro Street, Bennettsville, SC 29512
When? May 18, 2018
Time? 7:00pm to 12:00pm and I will be speaking at 8:00pm during that time span. A Question and Answer period will follow.
Activity Cost? $20.00. Call 843-454-0973 Ms. Dupree for Tickets (No tickets sold at the door.)
Featuring: Mattie P. Sanders appearing at 8:00pm speaking on her book titled “Look Beyond the Smile” which is her Autobiography on the subject of Child Abuse.
A Book Sale and Signing will also be a part of the program.

Mattie Parker Sanders was born in Bennettsville, South Carolina and will return to tell her story.

A Cultural Event-Storytelling, Book Sale and Signing

Come out and support me (Mattie P. Sanders) and other authors as we fill the evening with seriousness, laughter, history, breath taking events, stories that will be familiar to you as they may have happened to you or in your household as you grew up. From my book, Look Beyond the Smile, I will tell you the activities and inventions that I had to come up with each day just to survive. You will find the evening both serious and comical and how you can pull yourself up by your determination and move on in life.

There will be no admission. Books will be available for purchase and autographing.You will be able to purchase scrumptious food from the restaurant.

“A Thirst to Learn Book Club” Appearance

On July 30, 2017, the author will be the guest of “The Thirst to Learn” Book Club of Bowie , Maryland. The club has been in existence for 10 years  and has approximately 22 members. The members will read the book, Look Beyond the Smile prior to July 30 when the author will meet to answer questions, give insight into the origin of the book’s existence and what are future plans for the book. The Club has had several authors make an appearance after they have read a book. One author appeared before the group via Skype. One member has written several books and is now on leave from the Club while writing another book. The name of the last book studied by the Club was Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Black Ink, Charleston’s African American Book Festival

In September, I will be participating in the Black Ink, Charleston’s African American Book Festival at the Main Branch of the Charleston County Public Library located on Calhoun Street. The date is September 23, 2017 and the hours are to be announced later. I will be grateful if all of my friends and relatives come out to support me in this effort.

Author to Participate in Black Author’s Showcase

Dear friends and relatives, please take a look at the flier below. I will be at the Loudoun County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. on May 21st from 2 pm to 5 pm. I am asking all of my friends and family to come by and support me by listening to me speak about my book, titled Look Beyond the Smile which is my autobiography about CHILD ABUSE. At the program, you will be able to purchase an autographed, personalized copy. To: My former students, if you have relatives or friends in that area, ask them to come out and see your former teacher. If I have former students who live in the area, come out and see me. I will be most delighted to see you and hope the meeting will be mutual. Who knows, I may even remember your name. To Zebedee Sanders and family, Joe Sanders and family, Quentin Bowman and family, Alvin Butch Sanders and Family, Alfreda Clark and family, Diane Sanders, William Bill King, Jerome White, Harold Smalls and family, and Lewis Chaney, please take some time out of your busy schedule to come by the Northern Virginia Community College to give me your support. I will be looking.

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Look Beyond the Smile-An Autobiography

Ms. Mattie P. Sanders, renowned educator, guidance counselor, author, Black History memorabilia collector, motivational speaker, presenter of exhibits and community leader on Child Abuse Prevention, presents “Look Beyond the Smile-An Autobiography” that discusses Child Abuse. It is not advised that children under the age of 13 attend because of a brief paragraph of graphic language usage.

Learning by Design Conference 2016

Learning by Design Conference 2016 is a Dorchester #2 District-wide professional development conference for educators. As a professional learning community, the District emphasizes learning, builds a collaborative culture and focuses on results to become a “World Class” school district. The overall goal of Learning by Design 2015 is to “raise the bar” and address the most essential topics in education that will provide opportunities for educators to enhance their crafts as a means to accomplish the mission and vision of the school district.

I will be discussing my book, Look Beyond the Smile.

Title of Session:  Looking Beyond Smiles to Identify Child Abuse Signals